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Internal Halyard Flagpoles
Internal halyard flagpoles are made so the rope or cable that raises and lowers the flag is located inside the flagpole, instead of outside the flagpole like the external halyard poles. Generally they are preferred when flag security is a problem (more difficult for the flag to be removed by an unauthorized person), and they are also quieter because the halyard and flag clips do not clang against the pole. We offer both types of internal halyard poles at very competitive prices

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Rope Based Internal Halyard Flagpoles
Revolving Truck Assembly, Revolving Truck Standard

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Rope Based Internal Halyard Flagpoles
Flush Welded Inner Frame Door Assembly, Revolving Truck Standard

External Halyard Flagpoles
This is the traditional flagpole setup with the rope (halyard) on the outside of the pole. Used for residential, commercial, churches, schools and businesses.
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External Halyard
Ground Set. Revolving Truck Assembly
& Corrugated Steel
Ground Sleeve Assembly
as Standard Equipment.
Continental Flagpoles with a height of 50' or greater are fitted with the heavy duty truck assembly with dual sealed bearings as standard.

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External Rope Aluminum Flag pole
Economy External Halyard Tapered Flagpole
Stationary Truck Assembly
PVC Ground Sleeve

Model: PATIO
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Modulear Aluminum, Non Tapered, Ground Set. External Halyard. Lightweight.
Never Furl™ Option is Available. Installation service is not provided for Patio poles.
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